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Who is P.L.Jose?
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I'm P.L.Jose

Hi, I'm P.L.Jose. This website contains photographs of my artworks and information related to art exhibitions and events that I have been part of. I love painting, cartooning, photography, handmade crafts, and working with wood and clay.
I also love conducting workshops in drawing, painting, clay-modeling, origami, balloon-sculpting, and art appreciation for children. My current interests are in design, landscape photography and working to create awareness about the disability sector in India..

As an Artist..

I have worked on paintings using Oil, Acrylic, Watercolours, Pen & Ink, Pastels, and mixed-media. My other interests include DIY events, instrumental music, traveling, watching plays, attending drumjams, open studios & poetry sessions, collaborating with other artists, promoting art, going on long walks in Cubbon Park etc.,

My Technology expertise..

Masters in Computer Science, and I'm a registered India Patent Agent. My work experiences include working for an IP Law firm, a 'GPS Receiver' manufacturing company, Tech-Support, Advertising & Design, & a Job-portal startup where I was a co-founder. 

My other interests :)

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The following links contain images of my artworks..


Oil, Acrylic, Watercolours, Pen & Ink..


Cartooning - from paper to walls!



Art Company

The Purple Patch-India (TPP)


details of my art & other exhibitions..

On social media..

Recent works and activities are shared on my social-media links..please check them out too..


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